tirsdag 9. november 2010


The same leaves over and over again!
They fall from giving shade above
To make one texture of faded brown
And fit the earth like a leather glove.

Before the leaves can mount again
To fill the trees with another shade
They must go down past things coming up.
They must go down into the dark decayed.

They must be pierced by flowers and put
Beneath the feet of dancing flowers
However it is in some other world
I know that this is the way in ours.

Robert Frost

Autumn Sun

Raindrops On My Window

Autumn Melancholy

Steven Meisel

Me. Photographer: Ewelina F. Ohlsson

Stina (faux fur)

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James B sa...

OMG! Incredible!

Iza Larize sa...

Magnificent (esp. the first picture).

Alexandra sa...

love love love this entry!

diana kang sa...

your pictures are really breathtaking!!



First pic is such a adorable tree. some tree's compel you to glance at them. :)

Some wonderful photo's taken on this blog!

Abelone sa...

Beautiful photos! I love the Autumn Melancholy section. The photos are really expressing the melancholy feeling! The first photo is also awsome.Looks like the tree has feelings. Greetings from Denmark

RaceforProsperity sa...


Ashley King sa...

Nice Job! I found your blog after you commented on mine, and I love your work, especially the raindrops pics in this post.

Léon sa...

wow, i also love your work, in front of -and behind the camera! bisous

Chantal sa...

Love the raindrops on your window.

Anonym sa...

Hi! There shots are very nice. Good work!

samimi-extremie sa...

i especially love the one of you, sitting in a white dress on the porch! amazing!

Design Elements sa...

like the autumn sun

Elaine Stewart sa...

Love the sun, the raindrops and the photos of you. Are you a model? xoxo

Betty Jo sa...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. Your blog is beautiful and your photography is awesome!

Ghost Particle sa...

stunning photos! do you have flickr?

thanks for the kind comment :)

Naomi sa...

Lovely images--just beautiful! Thanks for the visit to my blog and your kind comment--appreciate it! :)

Ana sa...

Lovely blog! You are gifted with a talent. Magical.

Ashley Sisk sa...

I love looking at the world through your eyes - sorry it took me a little while to come back over to your blog but I love what I see and I'm now following.

Lindy MacDuff sa...

You have a very beautiful blog - lovely images!

Thank you for your visit and comment on my photoblog.

Tendencia Propia sa...

what a lovely pictures, a little bit nostalgic and totally fall season!


Amanda G sa...

Proffesional work! Love it!

Moonlight Serenade sa...

Love those pictures and the poem :) Those raindrops on the window are my favorite

Kraxpelax sa...

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En aquel tiempo me levanta
dentro uno incidente avejentado
que en seguida palidece
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thesydneygirl sa...

such pretty photos!


thanks for your comment

Melissa Stacey sa...

Lovely! the raindrops and the melancholy section <3

Jazzy E (hivennn) sa...

so beautiful x hivennn.

Amber Randell sa...

you have gorgeous photos...i minored in photography so I can connect with you in that aspect. I love the name of your blog as well. Great job, i will be back to see what else you have in store. thanks for your comments on my blog as well. I would love for you to return and enter my Christmas giveaway!


cristina petre sa...

those photos are amazing! especially the last 4..i just love them!

Kate sa...

Thanks for your kind comment, you have some really lovely photographs here. I look forward to seeing what's next!.x.

Maria Cláudia sa...

Good Evening, dear!
Sorry for didn't reaply you earlier. I have not inspiration last months. But, I came here just, for see you wonderful pics and caught inspiration too! hehe
I'm replying your question! I'm a huge fan of scandinavaia and since 2005 I'm not so happy here in Brazil. I really need new air, I need to change my life. I love scandinavaia for the beauty, country, for nicest people [I have Swedish friend] and I wish I had new experience. Just for it.
It's a time for restarting all.

I wish You amerry x-mas baby and wonderful 2011!

Kisses and hugs from Brazil,

The Queen of Hearts sa...

You post such powerful images. They all emote quite well.

The Queen of Hearts

Steph sa...

Stunning. You make snow look so pretty.

teca sa...

Wonderful indeed!
Thanks for your visit in my blog.

Warm hug from Brasil.ovei